Only Angels Have Wings

- Who?
- That girl.

I wouldn't ask any woman to...
You can think up more questions!

- What wouldn't you?
- What?

Ask anybody to do.
Did you ever know a woman
that didn't want to make plans?

Map out everything?
Get it all set?

I don't blame them, I guess.
It's the only way
they can run a home and have kids.

I suppose you think that's easier,
less dangerous than flying.

- I don't know. I never tried it.
- Didn't you ask her to?

- Who?
- That girl!

I told you.
I wouldn't ask any woman.

What if she were willing?
That's what they all say.
Women think they can take it,
but they can't.

The minute you get up in the air,
they start calling the airport.

When you get down, they're waiting for
you so scared, they hate your insides.

What if she were the type
that didn't scare so easily?

There's no such animal.
How do you know?
The girl I was telling you about
came as close to it as anybody I met.

One night when I was lost in a fog,
I was glad to get my feet on the ground.

What do you think the "welcome home"
speech was? She was hoping I'd crashed.

She couldn't stand the gaff. She'd
rather see me dead, have it over with.

Told me if I didn't quit flying,
it was all off.

- You wouldn't, would you?
- I'm still flying.

Wonder what happened to her.
I don't know for sure.
I heard she married another flier.

Is there anything else
you'd like to know about me?

Would you like to go over
to my room?

Got the letters from home.
Pictures of my father and mother.

Pictures of me the first time
I went up in the air.

Pictures of my first crash.
Any pictures
when you were a baby?