Son of Frankenstein

Of course, since then,
many of our most profound scientists...

have come to believe that these rays
are actually the very source of life itself.

This creature is indeed a monster.
There is not one part of his physical being
that's like that of human beings.

From his warped brain...
down to the tiniest argumentative cell
of his huge carcass...

he's unearthly.
Every fantastic story told of him
by the people of Frankenstein...

I now believe to be absolutely true.
I, as a man...
should destroy him.
[Tense instrumental music]
But as a scientist...
I should do everything in my power
to bring him back to conscious life...

so that the world can study
his abnormal functions.

That would vindicate my father...
and his name would be enshrined
among the immortals.

[Ominous instrumental music]
Benson, turn on the generator.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
- Stop!
- Quiet, you fool!