They've burnt every
ranch building in sight.

He had a brush with them last night.
Says they're being stirred up
by Geronimo.

How do we know he isn't lying?
No. He's a Cheyenne.
They hate Apaches worse than we do.

-Clear the wires for Lordsburg.
-That's Lordsburg now, sir.

They seem to have something
very urgent to tell you, sir.

-Well, what's wrong?
-The line went dead, sir.

-What have you got there?
-Only the first word, sir.

-How'd it go, Buck?
-Oh, so-so.

Got the payroll for the mining company?
Yes sir, right here in this box.
Good, give me a lift here, Jim,
would you?

Jim, l'll pay you that two bits
when l come through.

-Okay, Buck.
-Now you kids get away from that wheel.

Well sir, we ran into a little snow
up there. lt weren't bad, though.

But you fellows better prepare
for a good frost.

Passengers out for Tonto.
You better get out and stretch
your legs, l mean your limbs, ma'am.

We're gonna change horses here.
ls there a place here where
l can get a cup of tea?

Well yes, ma'am, you can get a cup of
coffee at the hotel across the street.

-Thank you, driver.
-You look a little--

-l'll be all right, thank you.
-Yes, ma'am.

-Why, Lucy Mallory!

-How are you, Captain Whitney?
-Fine thanks, Mrs. Mallory.

Why, whatever are you doing in Arizona?
l'm joining Richard in Lordsburg.
He's there with his troops.

He's a lot nearer than that.
He's been ordered to Dry Fork.