Be careful of old Bessie
up there, now.

lf it isn't my old friend
Sergeant Billy Pickett!

-How are you, Billy?
-He's fine, Doctor!

Mighty glad to see you!
Great heavens above!

We didn't figure on no stagecoach
coming through.

With them Apaches raisin' Cain.
-l was just tellin' Billy to hitch up--
-Now wait a minute!

Do you mean to say that there are
no troops at this station?

Ain't no soldiers here,
but what you see.

But my husband, Captain Mallory,
l was told he was here.

Well deary, got orders to drive
the soldiers to Apache Wells.

-Well that means we gotta go back.
-l can't go back!

Now look here, driver, you started
this coach for Lordsburg...

...and it's your duty to get there!
And it's your duty, young man,
to come along with us!

lt's my duty, Mr. Gatewood,
to obey orders. l'm sorry, sir.

lf the soldiers go back, Lieutenant,
that means we all have to go back?

My orders are to return
from here immediately.

And l can't disobey those orders.
l think we can get through
all right, Curley.

Oh, now don't egg him on, Kid.
l'm drivin' this here outfit, and...

...well, if the soldiers go back,
so am l.