-What's your vote, mister?
-Where are your manners, Curley?

Ain't you gonna ask
the other lady first?

Well, what do you say?
What difference does it make?
lt doesn't matter.

l vote that we go on.
l demand it.
l'm standing on my legal rights.

What do you say, Hatfield?

-You, Doc?
-l'm not only a philosopher, sir.

l'm a fatalist. Somewhere, sometime
there may be the right bullet...

...or the wrong bottle...
...waiting for Josiah Boone.
-Why worry when or where?
-Yes or no?

Having that philosophy, sir,
l've always courted danger.

During the late war, when l had
the honor to serve the Union...

...under our great president,
Abraham Lincoln...

...and General Phil Sheridan,
well sir...

...l fought 'mid shock and shell
and cannon roar.

Do you want to go back or not?
l want another drink.
That's five.
How about you, Mr. Hancock?
Peacock. l'd like to go on,
brother. l want to reach...

...the bosom of my dear family,
in Kansas City, Kansas...

:27:31 quickly as possible. But l may
never reach that bosom if we go on.

So, under the circumstances,
you understand, brother...

...l think it best we go back
with the bosoms...

...l mean, the soldiers.
One against.
Well, Buck?
Buck says "aye", that's six.

l'm voting your proxy, Kid,
and you go with me.

Ain't nothin' keepin' me out
of Lordsburg, Curley.

There sure ain't. Well folks,
that settles it, we're goin' through.

Sit down, folks, and eat your grub.
Come on Buck, we'll change them horses.

-But Curley, ain't we gonna eat?
-You can eat later!