Why, the Kid's old man and me
was friends.

We used to punch cattle together.
Besides, l could use that $500 in gold.

l can't get over the impertinence
of that young lieutenant.

l'll make it warm for that shavetail!
l'll report him to Washington!

We pay taxes to the government
and what do we get?

Not even protection from the Army!
l don't know what
the government is coming to.

lnstead of protecting businessmen,
it pokes its nose into business.

Why they're even talking now
about having bank examiners.

As if we bankers don't know
how to run our own banks!

At home l actually have a letter
from a popinjay official...

...saying they were going
to inspect my books!

l have a slogan that should be placed
on every newspaper in the country.

America for Americans! The government
must not interfere with business!

Reduce taxes! Our national debt
is something shocking!

Over one billion dollars a year!
What this country needs is
a businessman for president.

What this country needs is more fuddle.
You're drunk, sir!
l'm happy, Gatewood.
How come you're taking this route?
lt's gonna be cold up there.

l'm using my head. Those beach-crowd
Apaches don't like snow.