Wuthering Heights

And then I saw her.
A woman.

Then my senses must have become
disordered because the faIIing snow...

shaped itseIf into what Iooked Iike
a phantom, but there was nothing.

It was Cathy.
Who is Cathy?
A girI who died.
Oh, no, I don't beIieve in ghosts.
I don't beIieve in phantoms
sobbing through the night.

- Poor Cathy.
- I don't beIieve Iife comes back...

once it's died
and caIIs again to the Iiving.

No, I don't.
Maybe if I toId you her story,
you'd change your mind...

about the dead coming back.
Maybe you'd know, as I do...
that there is a force
that brings them back...

if their hearts
were wiId enough in Iife.

TeII me her story.
It began 40 years ago...
when I was young...
in the service of Mr. Earnshaw...
Cathy's father.
Cathy's father.
Wuthering Heights was a IoveIy pIace
in those days...

fuII of summertime and youth
and happy voices.

One day Mr. Earnshaw was returning
from a visit to LiverpooI.

- You'II not catch me!
- Yes, I wiII!

Cathy, go wash! I don't want your father
to see you in that dress.

You too, HindIey.
Hurry up, now.

I don't want to get washed!
Come aIong! I'II teII your father not
to give you the present he's bringing.

- What's he bringing?
- Go aIong upstairs.

Joseph says his horse
is coming over the hiII.