Young Mr. Lincoln

Good night.
Nice pair of mules you got here, ma'am.
Well gentled.

You won't let nothin' happen
to Adam and Matt.

Don't you worry about a thing.
I'll keep my eye on 'em, all right.
Matt, he don't eat much at all,
but Adam's just a boy- he's sure to get hungry.

Well, they'll get plenty
with the sheriff's wife in the kitchen.

I, uh-
I ain't one to talk much,
but after what you've done for us tonight -

Now, now. Save your thanks.
you know I'm just
a sort of jackleg lawyer...

without much experience
in this business.

But as long as you want me,
I'll do the best I can.

Still, you might feel a lot safer
if my partner was here.

Or you could get Steve Douglas.
We don't know nothin' about lawyers
or that kind of thing.

Well, at any rate...
I'll drop around in the morning
and have a little talk with the boys.

One of these days
I'll take a ride into the country