Zangiku monogatari

Of course.
What passes you? Why you are
Angry? I yes should be it.

- You Relax you.
- You Leave me.

Why does it come that I annoy?
You want that annoy me I? Thus it
We will be both. You want it?

I know it, is clear. You are angry
With me by arriving late.

- Is Not that.
- It will Not be that you prefer to another.

Dime the truth.
You prefer to Yoneko and to Ohan?

You it request, me do not reject.
Would be a humiliation.

Would not be able to continue here, neither in
Yanabibashi neither in another place of Tokyo.

I entreat it you. Me do not cause suffer
A shameful and so hard experience.

Only therefore you want that be
To your side? It believed that there was something more.

With permission.
Kozumi, I need that
Clarify me a thing.

You had not said that renounced him?
Already you have forgot it?

I do not understand what do you do here. Perhaps
You have changed of idea suddenly?

- ¿You want Him for you?
- ¿What does what import you I want?

How does it occur itself you to enter here?
Do not you know that is of bad education...