Zangiku monogatari

- To enter without calling? What audacity!
- ¡Not to say bobadas!

I do not need your permission to see
To my beloved one.

Believe you the best,
But you are not so attractive.

I do not know why comes that
You interests by him.

But if so desperate you are,
I will yield it you.

I can be very generous.
If really you need it do not I oppose me.
I will leave it you and you I will not bother.

You remain you with him and enjoys
Its company. If on the contrary...

you challenge me, neither dream
With which me throw behind.

I will fight for conserving him. Now
Is my beloved one. Me I will not yield never.

- I Will Fight for which is mine.
- Please, you silence you. And you see you.

Already you see it. Is clear.
It has left clear to which prefers.
We go, you see you.
Thus I will be able to be in charge of him.

See you also!
Go success.
Good evening.
Welcome home.

- Hello, Otoku, ¿what do you do here?
- There is not forms that Kozo sleep.

I understand.