Zangiku monogatari

- I Believe that I will remain this.
- Well.

Have and thanks.
Many thanks.
- Thanks.
- Sight.

You like? Is very pretty, ¿truth?
It looks, you set you.

Is precious, ¿truth?
Excuse, mister.
It permits me that tell him something?

- Clear.
- Today I have seen him to act for the first time.

Passed through my house, in the district of
Asakusa, and my aunt was there of visit.

Suddenly, she has begun
To speak of you.

I did not give credit to my ears.
It has criticized its gifts of actor...

Of a very cruel way. And as the nanny
Of its brother has incensed me.

And what have you done?
I have realized that could not give
an objective opinion, because never...

- It had seen him to act.
- ¿AND you have been going to see me?

And what have I seemed you?
It permits me that speak him
With every frankness?

Please, it should not be complies with
The praises and the superficial popularity.

What do you mean?
The life that carries is excessively
Wild. Early morning... arrives from

Every night and him does not agree.
It should study hard for...