Zangiku monogatari

I remember that you told me that me
throwing again to be able to study...

My facial expression.
- Aunt, ¿where is Kikunosuke?
- It Said that perhaps would not come...

- That him did not we expect.
- Will Be with some geisha.

It will seem you strange, but did not want
Leaving. It has preferred to be remained at home.

- ¿There Will Be seated the head?
- ¡Go! To me never paid attention... me

- But I am happy.
- Lady, I believe to know why...

- Kikunosuke not this night has come.
- You Explain you.

- Has Neither come Otoku, ¿truth?
- It has said Me that would remain with...

the I raise so that itself was not frightened
With the petards.

I know it, but I am afraid that
The motive is another.

- ¡A secret appointment!
- ¡Not to say bobadas!

I do not believe that Kikunosuke do
That to my backs.

Suffices of gossip.
It hears it? They are the fires,
Had not to go?

What boredom. I prefer
Remaining me to speak with you.

It is that itself is given me nothing well
The conversation.

I do not have anything interesting that to count.
I do not believe that my company be mild.

- Yes is it.
- ¿You believe?

- You Are a very pleasant youth.
- ¿I bring Him something to eat?

- A little watermelon.
- Immediately, first I will go to bed al boy.