Zangiku monogatari

- ¿What you did this night?
- To Change him the sheets...

Al Mr. Kikunosuke.
- Otoku, I want that go.
- ¿What?

- ¡You Are farewell!
- ¿Why?

- You know It perfectly.
- Lady, the baby has been endeared...

A lot with me. I do not understand the reason
Of this so sudden dismissal.

Lady, I have tried to comply
Always with my duty.

Tell me which is the motive of the dismissal.
I do not understand this decision.

If you insist. They have said me that you have
It suggested too much with Kikunosuke.

Which is your intention?
I I will tell it you.

You intend to captivate al future
Kikugoro I SAW to marry him.

- Do Not deny the evidence. Is that, ¿not?
- Lady, are you. Very wrong.

Kikunosuke is a very ingenuous youth, and
I do not want that tempted him.

How can think something thus!
I swear him that is not certain. I never...

- I have tried nothing in that sense.
- Therefore, ¿why do you suggest so much with him?

Only it wanted to encourage him to become
A good actor al that all they respected.

I assure him that that was my unique one
Intention. Only intended to help him.

You are a maid and that is not an of
Your attributions.

You have no reason to interfere you
In the life of Kikunosuke.

Its father has a lot of talent and to him
He corresponds him to encourage him.

Excuse lady, but I do not believe
Having me meddlesome.