Zangiku monogatari

Only I have tried to give him my support and I have him
they said what believed that owed...

You are the nanny of Kozo,
For that we hire you.

As for Kikunosuke, you does not need.
Besides, i do not they like the rumors.

To avoid greater wrongs I want
That go of this house.

You are farewell.
- The hat.
- Well.

- Kikunosuke, ¿you are ready?
- Yes.

You give me that.
To the meeting of today they will attend many
Invited important.

Also other actors of the better
Families. You behave you as a worthy one...

- Son of the family Towa.
- Yes.

Good morning. Lady, ¿where is
The clothes of the young gentleman?

- In the third drawer of the commode.
- Well.