Zangiku monogatari

- Yes, lady.
- I Have a parlor of together tea al temple...

Of Kesimohin. One of my clients me
it has said that would desire to be found...

To alone with you. In some
It splits to speak.

Expect, I will go with you.
- Come, the young lady is there.
- ¿He has come?

Mister, ¿how has been able to ascertain
Where find me?

Do not you know how much is happy me to see you. I gave myself
A great displeasure al to know that were you.

I went to seek you to your house
And they told me that you were not.

- ¿How has it found me?
- Has Not been easy.

I asked in the neighborhood but nobody
Meant where you were.

Me there is side a lot.
Did not it want that found me.
Forgive me.

Lament a lot that have suffered
because of the rumors...

And that have you said good-bye.
- Kikunosuke.
- Dime.

I see that you have me great esteem and
I feel proud.