Zangiku monogatari

But, ¿and if your parents knew
That we are seeing us?

We should not see us or they will return
To run the rumors.

It would not want to blemish your name
And that of your family.

- I desire to see you.
- ¡Is impossible!

The rumors did not have base,
But they did us damage.

And if we see us,
Will stop being mere rumors.

And what does that import?
Otoku, I want that be my wife.

Say not that. Do not you understand that
You have a great future in front?

I would hinder your career. Only I am
A maid. You would be desheredado.

That it does not matter to me, in serious.
- We should Not see us more.
- But, Otoku, ¡I need you!

- Good afternoon, mister.
- Good afternoon, mister.

Kikunosuke, they see here.
- ¡Kikunosuke!
- Yes.