Black Friday

I don't think I'd be
too alarmed about it though,
if I were you.

Well, I hope you're right.
I think so.
You're late today, Ernest.
Come and sit down
and talk to me.

I'm feeling very low.
Will you have some tea?
No, thanks.
The trouble with you is,
you're feeling too well.

Too well?
I used to think that
a long period
of convalescence

would be like
an ocean voyage.

That I'd have a chance
to read all the books
I want to,

that I haven't time to,

But nothing
seems to interest me.

A boring period,

Yes, indeed it is.
I'm afraid
I've got to go to New York
for a few days, George.

You've got to...
Yes, a little business
for the hospital.

Well, that's nice, I must say.
What am I going to do
for companionship?

Well, why not come with me?
Come with you?
Oh, no, I couldn't do that.
New York's too big,
too noisy.

I never have wanted
to go there. And yet...

The very thing
you need, George.

You've had your fill
of peace and quiet.

You'll find New York exciting,

Just the thing to lift you
out of the doldrums.

As my doctor,
do you prescribe it?

As your doctor,
I insist on it.

Very well.
I'll tell Margaret to pack.
Oh, no, George.
Let's go alone.

In New York, without Margaret?
What you need
is a radical change.

Well, perhaps you're right,

I've been like a bear,

I'm quite sure she'd be glad
to be rid of me for a time.

New York.
New York. I wonder...
I am taking Kingsley
to Red's old environment.

In fact, to the Midtown Hotel
which Cannon used
as his hideout.