Broadway Melody of 1940

I wish you wouldn't keep rubbing
that cape, it... You'll wear it out.

There's a gent outside
wants to see one of you guys.

- An agent!
- Sit down. Be right out.

Come on! What are you waiting for?
The guy's liable to get away!

That's no agent. Look at that.
- Got any dough?
- Not enough.

Suit, you're about to return
to your maker.

Wait a minute. Wait here.
- Hey, young man, you!
- Me?

- Yes. Where have you been hiding?
- Where have you been looking?

Everywhere! I, no, that isn't...
What's your name?

- King Shaw.
- King Shaw. I must remember that.

I'll be right back. Here... You...
- Come on, don't high-hat me, sister.
- Okay, brother, no hard feelings. Shake.

I once knew the cutest little
Japanese banker.

- Well?
- I just saved your life.

- I told him I was you.
- Why are you me?

Because if a guy had a summons
for King Shaw...

...and handed it to Johnny Brett,
it wouldn't be legal.

Say, why didn't we think
of that before?

If you'd stop trying to corner the market
on blonds, we might keep the suit.

Are you sneaking out again tonight?
Come on, come clean. Tell Kingsie.
Where do you go every night?

- I've told you, I take dancing lessons.
- Dancing lessons. Who is she?

Why, King, I'm surprised at you.
Would I let a girl get under my skin?

Do you think I could be charmed
by a smile or a pretty face?

Look at me.
Am I the kind of a guy...

...a woman can twist around her
little finger? Now I ask you, am I?

- I don't know, are you?
- I certainly am.