Broadway Melody of 1940

Yes. Yes, why don't you join him?
Wait a minute. Wait a minute, sister.
I'm King Shaw.

- Okay, King, abdicate.
- Okay, I'll do that.

Casey just phoned and
said Matthews is waiting to see me...

...but I'll take your advice.
Thanks, sister.

Wait a minute.
What are you talking about?

You're talking. I'm listening.
- Mr. Shaw to see Mr. Matthews.
- Well, send him in!

Yes, sir.
- Morning.
- Good morning, Mr. Shaw.

- This is Miss Clare Bennett.
- Miss Benne...

- As if I didn't know.
- How are you, Mr. Shaw?

I caught your last show in Chicago.
You were very good, very good.

- Oh, I'm glad you liked me.
- Sit down, Mr. Shaw. Sit down.

Sure, thanks...
Oh, gosh, I'm sorry. Here, I've got it.

Mr. Matthews, here.
Let me do that, sir.

I wouldn't have had
this happen for anything.

I think we'd all be more comfortable
if you just sat down.

Yes, sir, thank you.
Well, one thing about a little water,
it never does any harm.

Shaw, Mr. Casey tells me
you're a good dancer.

Yeah? Well, I can't argue with him
about that.

If you're as good as he says, we may
be able to use you in our next show.

You'd be making no mistake.
Johnny and I did a specialty act...

:29:30 a musical show in Kansas City.
We did three minutes in one.

- Stopped the show cold.
- I don't doubt it.

If my partner were here,
we could do it.

- I'm not interested in your act.
- It's great.

And I'm not interested in your partner.
This is a one-way deal.

- No team, huh?
- Nope.

You see, we're looking
for a new personality...

...a leading man for Miss Bennett.
Me? Dance with Clare Bennett?
That was the idea.