Broadway Melody of 1940

They want one guy
to dance with Clare Bennett.

I see. They want a leading man.
Wonder why they phoned us?
They didn't phone us.
- They phoned me.
- And then showed you the door.

You don't rate me very high, do you?
They offered me an audition.

To be Clare Bennett's leading man?

Gee, that's great.
Why, that's terrific!

But what do you mean,
it's all cold?

What would you have said
if they offered you a job without me?

- Well, I'd...
- That's exactly what I said.

I said, "Look, Mr. Matthews, we're a
team, and that's the way we stay."

- You crazy...
- He gave me a lot of hot air about...

...what a great opportunity it was,
but I said, "Wait a minute.

We've been together five long years.
And five pretty tough years."

Tough, but a lot of laughs
when you think back.

You said it.
Why, you half-witted...
Turning down the chance of a lifetime
on account of me.

Well, it isn't only a question
of you, it's...

- It's a question of being on the level.
- What a guy. I know what I'd do.

- Yeah?
- I'd get on that phone...

...and tell him I'd take it.
But quick.

Well, I wouldn't be any good
without you anyhow.

You know you figure out
all the dance steps.

I'm not leaving town.
I'll be around.

You mean you're gonna
help me, Johnny?

I'll figure out a routine for you
that'll kill them.

What a guy. But this isn't
a sure job yet, Johnny.

It's only a tryout. They want me
to watch the show...

...and get up in that "Between You
and Me" number with Clare Bennett.

She's wonderful in it.
Have you seen it?
Yeah. She's attractive, huh?
Close to?

Attractive? She's the tops, Johnny.
You've never seen anything like her.