Broadway Melody of 1940

But that's not him!
That's not the Shaw I saw...

I mean, that's an imposter!
Casey? Casey!
- Well, I better...
- Casey!

- I'm sorry, Bert. I don't...
- Congratulations, Bob.

- That boy is a real find!
- You mean you like him?

- Like him? O'Grady!
- But...

- Take this down, Amy.
- He's not...

I'm gonna give King Shaw the lead
in the next show...

...and I want you
to get to work on him.

Build up a personality for him.
Change his address.

Take him to a first-class hotel
and a good tailor.

Let him be seen at the night spots.
Get him talked about!

Build him up until the customers
know the name "King Shaw."

But he's not...
Well, l...

- Where are you going?
- He's getting some air.

Yes, yes, yes!
How was it, Johnny?
Miss Bennett,
this is Johnny Brett.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

- Is this your partner?
- Yeah.

- Good, wasn't he?
- First time too. Proud of him?

- Plenty.
- Okay, King, who's your agent?

- I haven't any.
- Don't need one. We'll sign a contract.

A contract?
You'll never regret it
as long as you live.

Change your dress. The three
of us are going out to celebrate.

- This is Mr. Brett. He's...
- How do you do?

How do you...?
Come up to the office,
and we'll fix everything.

I'm glad to have met you,
Miss Bennett.

Mr. Brett. Johnny!
Look. Come out with us tonight.
I'd rather not. Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
So long, Miss Bennett.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.
Pardon me. I'd like to talk to you
for a minute, if you don't mind.

Now, look,
you'll be paid very soon.

Paid? Do you owe me something?
- You're not a collector?
- Collector?

I used to collect stamps, but I gave it
up when people stopped writing to me.