Broadway Melody of 1940

Don't you remember meeting me
four nights ago?

You told me then
that your name was King Shaw.

That's when I thought
you were a bill collector.

- Bill collector, me?
- Yes. I'm awfully sorry.

I'm sorry too. For you.
Because that little mix-up lost you
the job as Clare Bennett's leading man.

What's that?
I thought your name was King Shaw,
so I sold King Shaw to my associates.

Oh, I see.
Yes, well, maybe we better
have a drink together, huh?

Yeah, let's.
I could use one.

I'm going to clear this whole thing up.
You're going to play that part!

No, I'm not. Now, look, Mr. Casey,
King's the man for you.

You need a personality.
Why, he's a natural.

Women go for him like a
bargain sale. Always have.

- Yes, but I saw you dance.
- Yes, and you saw him dance too.

Tonight with Clare Bennett.
They were wonderful together.

- Rabbit?
- No.

You're just like me. I'm always
pushing my partner ahead too.

But I'm gonna fix this.
Look. Matthews is satisfied,
I'm satisfied. Why shouldn't you be?

Well, maybe you're right.
- Squirrel?
- No.

I tell you what,
I'll discover you next year.

That'll make me a hero
all over again.

- I can hardly wait.
- Is it a deal?

- Sure.
- That's wonderful.

That's the first deal
I've been in on in years.

- Beaver?
- Certainly not!

- Let's drink to the deal.
- Don't you think you've had enough?

Just one more won't hurt.
- Herman!
- That's right. Ermine.

- Hi, Johnny.
- Hi.

- What are you doing?
- Getting a swelled head.

Why, I even know this guy.
I live with him.

- Good publicity, huh?
- Yeah.