Broadway Melody of 1940

- Hey!
- Yeah?

- How'd the rehearsals go today? Good?
- A little off, but all right.

Say, King.
I had an idea this afternoon.
The step you do at the end
of the second chorus?

Suppose you try it this way.
- Say, that looks good.
- Try it.

- Yeah, that's it. How does it feel?
- Feels great.

I think we can brush up the number
in a couple of other places too.

Want to work tonight?
No, not tonight.
I'm dining out.

- With Clare?
- Who else?

Oh, boy, what a gal!
And fun too.
I wish you could see something.

Everywhere we go, people start buzzing,
"There's King Shaw and Clare Bennett.

King Shaw and Clare Bennett. King
Shaw and Clare Bennett. Oh, oh, oh!"

Boy, you certainly are moving up fast.
"King Shaw and Clare Bennett."

Well, I think I get top billing with her.
You know, I never had a girl
hit me like this.

I always thought
I could take them or leave them.

Well, here's one that I'm not leaving.
And what's more,
I think she'd feel pretty bad if I did.

If it's Mr. Shaw,
I'll be right out, Angel.

- Shall I offer him a drink?
- Well, don't encourage him.

That boy don't need
no encouragement, honey.

- Hello, Clare.
- Hello, Bert. Anything wrong?

That's what I came to find out.
From you.

Look, Clare...
:44:58've never gone out like this
during the last days of rehearsals.