Broadway Melody of 1940

If he doesn't pay
more attention to his job...

...Matthews is going to stop barking
and start biting.

He'll be here any minute.
He was getting up when I left.

- He went out last night, didn't he?
- Yes, he did.

- Right after I phoned him the first time?
- Yes.

No! No. I mean...
I'll just go out and see if he's coming.

No rush.
They've broken for lunch.

- Did you square me with Matthews?
- Not exactly.

Clare spoke to Mr. Matthews first.
We sort of got our wires crossed.

- She went to bat for me?
- Yeah.

What do you know!
In front of the whole company?

- That's right.
- What a sucker I was last night.

She was on the level all along.
She really had a headache!

What a gal!
Sticking up for me.

- Who do you love?
- You, you. You silly...

And that's who she loves too!
Come in.
Hello, darling.
I'm sorry I'm late, Clare.
But then again, I'm glad.

If I hadn't been late, you wouldn't
have had to go to bat for me.

- I wouldn't have found out how you felt.
- I'll tell you how I feel.

You don't have to.
Going to bat for me was enough.

- I don't know why I did.
- I'll bet I know why you did.

- Don't ever do that again!
- You mean this?

Now, would you mind
leaving me alone?

Say, sometimes I think
you don't know your own mind.

What's the matter?
The more you know about women,
the less you know about women.

Maybe it's time you found out
they're not all alike.

Come on, we'd better
go through your routine.