Foreign Correspondent

Mr. Fischer
What's that man doing here?

But he's Mr. Krouk!
Van Meer is not dead
But I just read...
That was his double who was shot
Van Meer himself was kidnapped

I talked to him in a windmill
outside of Amsterdam

But what Mr. Krouk has to do with it?
Remember my description
of the man in the mill?

You mean the sweater, of course
But that's impossible
we know Mr. Krouk.

I tell you Mr. Krouk brought here
Van Meer by plane last night

Are you positive about this?
But of course I am. I was as close
to Van Meer as I am to you now

We can't make a mistake, on the
other hand we can allow him to...

Leave it to me
I don't want to do it but I was
asked you to leave my house

Mr. Haverstock is going to ask me
to turn you into the police

Mr. Haverstock seems to be
something of a trouble maker

I thought that was something to take
care about by our agents in Amsterdam

I thought so too
I don't understand unless perhaps
Mss. Fisher being with him

may had cause complications
It would have been ideal if she had
been in our confidence

Don't talk about my daughter
I beg your pardon
It's just bad luck he came here
I never had to cope with these things

Thanks to you
Someone has to take care of the
dirty details

But this is my home
After all I'm a politician
and it's not my job

to get rid of my guest
Not in your house,
but I have an idea

Do you remember Rouli?
The little man who used to work at
your father's stables in Austria

I seem to recall he was present when
a mutual friend of us accidentally

fell off the bridge
He's retired now
He lives somewhere in
Clapen, here in London

We could convince Mr. Haverstock
to hire him in the capacity

of a private detective
For who?