- It would mean two journeys for...
- Ring for Nancy, Bella.

What do you suppose the servants are for?
To serve us, I suppose, dear.
Nancy, I rang. The muffin man.
I thought you rang for tea.
I was just bringing it up.

- Then it's too late for muffins.
- Not at all, my dear.

Nancy, spread the cloth,
then lay the tea things...

go down and get the muffins,
cook the muffins...

and bring up the muffins.
You see, my dear, it's all quite simple.

- Light the gas, Nancy.
- Yes, sir.

You're looking very impudent
and pretty tonight, Nancy.

- More broken hearts?
- I don't know, I'm sure, sir.

Where do you get
the color for your cheeks?

Could you not give the recipe
to Mrs. Mallen?

No, sir. I'm natural.
- Will that be all you're wanting, sir?
- Yes, Nancy. That will do for the present.

Paul, as though I'd do anything to my face,
or ask for her assistance if I did.

Bella, I was only trifling with her.
It's so humiliating for me.
- That girl laughs at me enough, as it is.
- Nonsense, Bella.

You know perfectly well
how you imagine things.

Don't say that.
I have been better the last two weeks,
haven't I?

- What do you mean?
- You know very well what I mean.

I've been trying so hard...
and I have been better
because you've been kind to me.

I'll be perfectly all right, if only
you'll be patient and gentle with me.

Of course, my dear.