Go West

Another, Joe.
Okay. There it is, Pete.
Hey, you!
What's the matter with you?
Put that down!

- What's going on here?
- Couple of tinhorns from the East.

Told them no money, no beer.
Then I turn my back, and he steals a glass.
- Why, you...
- He no steal it, mister.

We don't want no trouble. I'll pay.
You don't look as if
you had a dime between you.

No, but I give you an IOU.
Did you hear that, boy? An I owe me.
Sure, we're honest. We always pay.
Here, I owe you 10 cents. Joseph Panello.
That's rich and rare.
A business transaction, Joe.

Put it in the cash register
before somebody steals it.

Come on, you financiers, beat it.
Get out of here.
- You know where Dan Wilson's house is?
- Dan Wilson? Sure.

You just go half a mile up the road.
You can't miss it.

Say, you can do me a favor.
I got a telegram for Dan Wilson.

You can deliver it and save me the trip.
Sure, we'll deliver the telegram.
Maybe it's good news.

- There you are, and thanks very much.
- That's all right.

Dan Wilson. That means we don't open it.
You promise?

All right. We open it but we don't read it.
I no think I can trust you.
And I know you can't trust me.

So I tell you what we do.
I'll read it, but we don't listen.

Come on, put the fingers up.
Rusty, I cheated.