Go West

I listened.
You, too.
Mr. Beecher, we're here to meet you!
We're supposed to meet you!
Are you looking for John Beecher?
Sure, we've come to see him about
selling Dead Man's Gulch to the Railroad.

That's fine.
I'm John Beecher.
We don't recognize you, do we, Rusty?
Naturally you don't recognize me.
We've never met.

Then how do I know it's you?
If I don't know
what Mr. Beecher looks like...

the only way I can tell it's him
is if he wears a white carnation.

Well, the very idea!
I don't know anything about...
Now, look here, you two...
Old Mr. Beecher, we look all over for you.
- We're so glad to see you.
- Yes, I'm glad that's settled.

Now, which one of you gentlemen
is Mr. Wilson?

None of us.
We got a name: Panello.
But we own the land.

- You have the deed with you?
- Sure.

I mean, no.
He's trying to tell us
it's home in Birch City.

We'd better go there immediately.
Come along, gentlemen.

Just follow me, please.
Why you tell him where the deed is?
All the time you talk too much.

From now on, you keep your hands shut.
If that's only a mirage coming,
I'm gonna look like you in a few days.

Come on, stranger, hop in.
- Where did I see your face before?
- Right where it is now.