Go West

- Can you handle all three?
- No.

Better bring another girl.
That redhead's a demon.

I could swear I heard voices.
There's nothing to worry about.
They're in the next room.

They are?
It's you.
I wish you'd stop talking to yourself.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm busy.
- Why, honey child.
- I'm not that busy.

Let's go somewhere
where we can be alone.

There doesn't seem to be anyone
on this couch.

I got a hunch Quale ain't got
his mind on his business.

Who hasn't?
That don't look like Red Baxter.
I beg your pardon,
I thought you were Mr. Baxter.

My eyes aren't what they used to be.
- Who do you wish to see?
- Not "who." Whom do you wish to see?

At my age, corrected by an illiterate.
I thought you were up here
looking for the deed.

I was just trying to find out
what she knows.

She looks like she knows plenty,
but not about the deed.

Come on, let's go back to work.
- Hello, boys.
- Maybe we can work in here.

No, I think we better toddle along.
We'll be back later, girls.

- Me, alone.
- Me, too.

- Did you get Baxter?
- Yes, he's on his way.

- Did you miss me?
- Hello, lambie-pie.

Sure, now, you can't up and leave us.
Gentlemen, how would you all like
a mint julep?

It's been years since I've tasted
the nectar of the Old South.

However, if you insist.
I take one, too,
just so he don't drink alone.

We get them drunk, then they won't know
what we're here after.

That's right, blabbermouth,
keep it a secret.

You keep them busy,
and I'll help Rusty crack open the S-A-F-F.

You're a one-man fifth column.
- You wanna know something?
- Not a great deal.

Dixie just wouldn't be Dixie
without a mint julep.

And you know something else, Scarlett?
Dixie wouldn't be Dixie without Dixie.
My compliments on this julep, ladies.
It's as sweet as you are, and twice as cool.

- Have another one, honey child.
- I'll take one more.