My Little Chickadee

- Do not try anything,
and nobody will get hurt.

- He said to come out, Miss Flower Belle.
- Well, I got nothing he wants.
- I will be the judge of that.

Come out, or I will have to kill
all these nice people.

Don't mind being held up,
but I don't like the inconvenience.

- The Masked Bandit.
He's just another man to me.
Bring down the gold box.
Come on, take what you want
and let's get out of here.

I will do that, my pretty one.
Put the gold in my saddlebags.
He kidnapped her. Pile in, everybody.
We've got to get to Little Bend
and form a posse.

He just swept Flower Belle on his horse
and away they went.

He got away with the gold shipment, too.
- He did?
- There's Flower Belle's aunt and uncle.
- Let them through.

- Mr. Powell, I got bad news for you.
- What's that?

Your niece has been
kidnapped by the Masked Bandit.

Flower Belle kidnapped?
Yes, and I'm forming a posse right now
to hunt for him.

Come on, let's go!
It's going to be all right, honey.
She's back. Flower Belle's coming.
All by herself, too!

- You sure, Zeb?
- Sure. Come on.

- Come on, boys.
Here she is.
I'm all right, I'm fine.
- I'm so happy to see you.
I was so worried.

I was in a tight spot,
but I managed to wiggle out of it.

- You always do.
Come on in the house, baby.

Flower Belle's back
and I guess that's all there is to it.

Go home and rest easy.
Did he want to hold you for ransom?
How'd you escape?

Don't go asking her
a lot of questions tonight.