My Little Chickadee

I can't figure out what from.
This is a pretty wild country.
Boss, this guy Twillie is gunpowder.
He was on that train today
that was raided by Injuns.

According to him,
he beat them all single-handed.

What do you know about that?
- Say, he must be pretty good.
- It's news to me.

You know, I'm kind of sorry I accused a man
of his fighting spirit of cheating.

Now, the best way to blot out the stain
on his reputation is to honour him.

How do you mean?
I'm going to make him
Sheriff of Greasewood City.

We need a sheriff,
and he's just the man we've been looking for.

- For something else, but not for sheriff.
- It's all settled.

- It was the Comanches, Chippewas,
and the old Sepulveda Indians.

It gives me great pleasure
to make a brave man like yourself...

Sheriff of Greasewood City.
Gentlemen, you overwhelm me.
Here, take this badge
and pin it over my heart.

Well, Sheriff, congratulations.
I thank... Thank you.
Be careful of that trigger finger.

- This is ridiculous.
You can't make this man sheriff.
He's not fit for the job.

What have we here?
I'm running this town, Carter.
I've told you to keep out of my business
if you want to go on peddling your papers.

If I want a sheriff, I'm going to have one.
Who is this muckraker?
There's one consolation, Badger.
He won't be sheriff very long.

- What do you mean by that?
- You ought to know what I mean.

None of them last very long.
If this lady knows what's good for her,
she and her husband will stay out of here.

- What's the argument?
- I never argue with a lady.

Play it safe, huh?
- Who is this high-collar, anyway?
- He just runs the newspaper here.

And he's got some idea
about what he calls law and order.