My Little Chickadee

I'd like to give the scamp a sound trouncing.
Just trounce yourself out of here.
Come on, we're going home.

Your pleasure is my pleasure, my peach.
Come back soon. Make the place your own.
That's an idea.
Thank you. We will.
Boys, she's gonna make a very pretty widow.
Git along, Christmas.
We got to find cousin Flower Belle.

- Zeb?
- Hi, Mrs. Gideon.
I'm looking for Flower Belle.

Well, you'll find her at the hotel.
- She's married.
- Married?

- Her name is Mrs. Twillie now.
- Twillie? You don't say.

Come on, Christmas. Look out, New Year.
- Bet you a lei of beads.
- No gottum lei.

- What you got?
- Five beads.

Five beads. I'll see them.
One, two, three, four, five. There you are.

- What do you got?
- Three squaws.

Three squaws? No good. Three chiefs.
Big Chief always win.
What are you up to now, you red rascal?
That'll teach you a lesson.
Teach you the bottle is mightier
than the quiver.

- Big Chief catch trouble.
- Big Chief can catch no trouble...

only from revenue agents for splitting
a bottle of whiskey with an Indian.

- Are you cousin Sheriff Twillie?
I'm a sheriff, but I haven't any relatives
west of Canarsie.

I'm Flower Belle's cousin, Zeb.
You are?
Well, if you ever see your cousin...
tell her her husband would like to quaff
a dish of tea with her sometime.

I don't think you and cousin Flower Belle
are getting along the right way.

- Is there a right way?
- Well, sure there is.

Flower Belle likes her men strong, daring,
what live life dangerously.