My Little Chickadee

Our charming guest
is gonna honour us with a song.

Listen to the story
of Willie the Miner

There never lived a man any finer
But gold was his sin
And that's where I came in
So gather round me, boys
and let my story begin

- Gather round
and let her story begin

Willie of the Valley
Willie of the Valley
He was a-lifting with gold teeth a-shining
This is his history he lived in a mining town
Oh the thrillie of the alley
Was Willie of the Valley
Willie took me places
The high-class joints and the races
Bought me a kimono with red satin lining
And a hat with a feather,
the greenest one in town

This filly got pally
With Willie of the Valley
The mine had a cave-in
Poor old Willie gave in
Laid him out on a bedrock
Lit 40 candles

Dirty old donkey,
hauled him to the Promised Land

On a hilly near the alley
They laid Willie of the Valley
So take your hats off
And sing your yaps off
For Willie of the
Willie was a good man
the best man that I found