My Little Chickadee

Where's the funnel?
I don't know. It's up along there somewhere.
You were there the night I knocked
Chicago Molly down, weren't you?

You knocked her down?
I was the one that knocked her down.

Yeah, that's right. He knocked her down.
But I was the one to start kicking her.

- Here's the funnel.
- Okay.

I starts kicking her in the midriff.
Did you ever kick a woman
in the midriff that had a pair of corsets on?

No, I just can't recall
any such incident right now.

Why, I almost broke my great toe.
I never had such a painful experience.

- Did she ever come back again?
I'll say she came back. She came back
a week later and beat the both of us up.

Yeah, but she had another woman with her.
An elderly lady with grey hair.
I had those two tough guys beat her up.
Sheriff, come out from behind that bar.
You're not wanted here.

You're crazy. I'm wanted for
in nearly every state in the Union.

Come on.
We must all act together if we are ever to rid
this town of Badger or any other lawbreaker.

Something's got to be done
about this masked outlaw.

Unless we can catch him red-handed...
or can someway learn his identity,
there's not much we can do.

I know someone who can identify
the Masked Bandit.

Explain yourself, Mrs. Gideon.
- I don't wish to injure anyone's reputation.
- I'm sure you don't.

But Flower Belle, the Sheriff's wife,
has an intimate acquaintance with him.

- What's that?
- Yes.

She was asked to leave Little Bend
on account of him.

Of course, she claims
she never saw his face, but...

That's possible.
But it is known he visited her
in her own room.

So everybody in Little Bend believes that...
Well, you know.
What else can everyone believe?

I'm inclined to give her
the benefit of the doubt.

However, I will agree to keep
an accurate check on her activities.

I suggest...
Another thing.
Your name was brought up at
the Vigilante Committee meeting last night...

in connection with the masked outlaw
who's been robbing the stages.