The Letter

In that case,
there would be no objection...

...if my friend delivered the letter
to the public prosecutor?

No, none at all.
But, Mr. Joyce...
...from my study of the case, I believe
that if my friend could be induced...

:43:19 deliver the letter into our hands,
it would save--

It would save a great deal of trouble.
Under what circumstance would your friend
be "induced" to part with the letter?

But my friend does not have the letter.
The woman has it.

She did not know its value
until my friend told her.

What value did he put on it?
Ten thousand dollars.
Only 10,000?
Why not 50, or 1 00?

For the reason, sir...
...that Mr. Crosbie has in the bank of the
British Malaya Company in Singapore...

...a savings account
in the amount of $ 1 0,452.

Tell your friend to go to the devil.
But, Mr. Joyce....
The woman does not want
to sell the letter.

My friend took a long time
to persuade her.

Ten thousand dollars
is a lot of money, Ong...

...just to save some trouble.
Yes, sir.
It is a great deal of money.
I'll speak to Mr. Crosbie.
-He's waiting for you at the club, sir.

We have not much time, and the matter,
in my opinion, permits no delay.

Therefore, I took the liberty of asking
Mr. Crosbie to have lunch with you.

All right. Have the woman
come to my office.

I was about to mention, sir...