The Letter

...she made two conditions.
She insists that the money
shall be brought to her.

I can take you to the house
whenever you are ready, sir.

And the other condition?
That Mrs. Crosbie bring it
to her, personally.

You must be mad.
You suppose Mrs. Crosbie can just
walk out whenever she feels like it?

My friend thinks that you could arrange
for her to stay at your house until the trial.

I'm sure the judge will permit it
if you are responsible for her, sir.

Ong Chi Seng.
Yes, sir?
What are you getting out of this?
Two thousand dollars...
...and the great satisfaction of being
of service to you and our client.

You're looking more cheerful, Bob.
Better since this morning. You've convinced
me there's nothing to worry about.

-Two gin slings, Jerry.

Yes, sir.
Well, as a matter of fact,
something's come up, Bob.

Nothing important...
...but I thought I'd better
have a talk with you about it.

Well, what is it?
It seems that Leslie
wrote a letter to Hammond...

...asking him to come to the bungalow
on the night he was killed.

Impossible. You heard her say
she'd had no communication...

-...with him for weeks before it happened.
-Nevertheless, she did write it.

She wanted his advice on something
she was buying for your birthday.