The Letter

Your birthday was about then, wasn't it?
Yes, that's right. End of April.
In the excitement,
she forgot about the letter...

...and then later on was afraid to say
she'd made a mistake.

That isn't like Leslie.
She's not afraid of anything.

This was a pretty serious mistake...
...and she realized it.
Who has the letter?
Hammond's widow.
And she threatens to turn it over
to the prosecution.

Well, what if she does?
Leslie can explain it in court
just as she explained it to you.

Well, yes...
...but don't you see, Bob, it might alter
things a good deal in the minds of the jury...

...if Hammond came to your house
by invitation.

What's to be done about it?
...I think we must get hold
of that letter.

I want you to authorize me to buy it.
Well, I'll do whatever you think is right.
I don't think it's right...
...but I think it's expedient.
Juries can sometimes be very stupid.
It's just as well not to worry them...

...with more evidence than they can
conveniently deal with.

Howard, I don't pretend to understand.
Do as you think best.

-I'll pay back whatever it costs.

Now put the matter out of your mind.
Too bad rubber won't grow
in a civilized climate, sir.

Mix me another one, Jerry.
Another, sir?
Yes, another.
Yes, sir.
"Mr. and Mrs. Howard Joyce request
the pleasure of your company...

:48:49 a party to be given at their home--"
-"Residence." It sounds more impressive.

"On Friday, May 1 6th, in honor of their
guests Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crosbie."