The Letter

-We don't need to be entertained.
-We can find something to do.

-Will it take all evening?
-There's a lot to go over.

There's no point in you hanging around.
You'd much better see a good film.

Yes, darling, why don't you.
Take your mind off tomorrow.
I want you to.

All right, then.
Well, I guess we'd better be off.
-Shall we want wraps?
-You're likely to, coming home.

-Sorry you can't come.
-I'm not allowed off the premises.

-See you later, darling.
-Goodbye, darling.

Goodbye. Have a good time.
Where do we have to go?
Chinese Quarter.
Ong Chi Seng will take us.
He'll be along soon.
I've always wanted to visit
the Chinese Quarter. I hear it's a bit creepy.

Of course, I'd have chosen
other circumstances.

Be flippant about your own crimes if you
want to, but don't be flippant about mine.

Oh, I'm sorry, Howard.
I didn't mean to be flippant.
Really, I didn't.
Maybe it's my own sense of guilt,
but I have an unpleasant feeling...

...I'm going to be made to pay the piper
for what I'm doing tonight.

I'm jeopardizing my whole career,
and I have to rely on your discretion.

Well, whatever else I am...
...I'm not ungrateful.
Forget what I said.