Citizen Kane

News on the March.
Legendary was the Xanadu...
...where Kubla Khan decreed
his stately pleasure dome.

Today almost as legendary
as Florida's Xanadu...

...the world's largest
private pleasure ground.

Here on the deserts of the Gulf Coast,
a private mountain...

...was commissioned and successfully built.
One hundred thousand trees,
twenty thousand tons of marble...

...are the ingredients
of Xanadu's mountain.

Contents of Xanadu's palace:
Paintings, pictures, statues,
various stones of other palaces.

A collection of everything.
So big it can never
be catalogued or appraised.

Enough for 10 museums,
the loot of the world.

Xanadu's livestock...
...the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea,
the beast of the field and jungle...

...two of each,
the biggest private zoo since Noah.