Dive Bomber

No, I didn't think you had.
Yes, come in.
Good evening.
I saw your lights,
so I thought I'd stop by.

What can I do for you, lieutenant?
Work seems to be piling up on you here.
I was wondering if I can help you with it.

- You might make those blood counts.
- Sure.

These are mixed.
You know, it's...
...strange how wrong you can be
about things and people.

I suppose that's because everything's
so confused in the world these days.

You need a jolt to bring you
to your senses.

When you stop to contemplate
some of...

...the things you've said and done,
it makes you feel like an idiot.

But I guess it all comes out
in the wash.

It certainly feels good
to be back in a lab.

Cigarette, doctor?
Thanks, doctor.
- I was just thinking of another odd thing.
- What's odd?

Of all the tests used for flying aptitude,
no one thought of trying the Rorschach.

What do you know about it?
Well, just enough to suspect
it might be valuable.

- Don't you agree?
- I agree that we ought to try it.

- We?
- You and I.

You do all the hard work, and I'll take
all the glory, if any. That suit you?

Sure. Any way you want it.