Dive Bomber

It's gonna be tough on Art.
Well, it wasn't exactly a picnic for us.
- How'd it go?
- Make a nice ice wagon, Art.

- That's about all.
- Took two of us to handle the controls.

We were busier than one-armed
paperhangers and twice as cold.

Cabin's too damp. It sweats
and gathers ice by the ton.

- Outside of that, it's perfect.
- For everything but flying.

Well, I guess that's that.
Here's where we're
starting all over again.

Send me a full report.
I'm glad you got it down all right.
Thanks, so are we.
Can I interest you in our pressure suit?

You're going to have less luck with that
than you had with my pressure cabin.

This puts the whole problem
right in your laps, boys.

Fine. It's right where we want it.
- Is this where the oxygen line goes in?
- It fits here. There's a slide valve for it.

- Where does your microphone plug in?
- Here.

There's a communication system
built in the helmet.

- You can see it.
- Oh, I see.

Lieutenant, this is gonna look
just like a diver's helmet.

Well, we don't care if it looks like
a birdcage, just so that it works.

Here's your oxygen line right here.
45,000. There it is.
That's enough.
It's time to come down.

Cut the motor.
Open the pressure valves wide.

- Get the valves in the back.
- Aye, sir.

You'd be in horrible shape if a mosquito
got in there with you, wouldn't you?