Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

-You get a cab. I'll see what's happened.

A girl can't walk out with a chap.
Who does he think he is?

-The big--
-Did he hurt you?

It'll take more than a bloke like that to....
Why, I bet I look ever so untidy.
You sure you're not hurt?
Why, l....
I don't think so.

-What is it? Your ankle?
-Yeah. It's twisted.

Do you mind?
No, not at all.
-After all, an ankle can be very painful.
-You are ever so kind.

Me side too. He hit me.
Well, I should have caught him.
No, no.
I mean, I'm so glad you stopped.
If you take my meaning.
My friend is getting a cab.
Perhaps we could drop you somewhere.

-You're ever so kind.
-Shall we try it now?

There. That's a girl.
Gentlemen like you shouldn't be
bothering yourself about me.

Now, what sort of a gentleman
doesn't like to help a pretty girl?

And me with me hat all over me head.
So he asks me if he can
walk me home, he does.

Well, I turns around
to him, and I says, "Yes."

When a girl is out late, it's nice to have
a bit of company to see her home.

Well, I know what's what.
You have to if you are a barmaid.
I like a bit of fun, as the saying goes...