Sergeant York

Ain't no
changing it.

Well, i'm a-going to
change it.

I'm a-going to get us
a piece of bottom land.

Your pa set out
to get hisself

a piece
of bottom land once.

Nary a man
ever tried harder.

Like to kill hisself

Was a long time
'fore he give up,

but he had to
in the end.

Well, i ain't
a-setting myself up

as a better man
than pa.

I reckon i ain't
half as good.

But i'm a-knowing
where there's a piece

of bottom land
to be had,

and i'm
a-going to get it.

Maybe you will.
How old you say
this here mule be?

9 year,
but abraham's sound. Yes, he are.

He's kind of
pussle-gutted, it appears to me.

Nary a bit.
He's just mighty
well-fed, that's all.

Well, i reckon
i might allow you $30 on him.

You say $30?
Well, he's worth 40
if he's worth a cent.

Then he ain't
worth a cent.

What's all this here
you got?

Well, there's
two dozen pullets.

Well, that's
25 cents apiece.

They're worth
twice that much.

Not to me,
they ain't.

What are these?
Them's prime
winter pelts, mr. Tomkins.

Mighty poor.
They won't fetch much.

I might allow you
a dollar and a half apiece on them.

Well, i can get
$3.00 apiece for them in jimtown.

It's quite a ways
to jimtown.

Let's see now.
That's $40.50.

What else you got?
Well, there's two sacks
of rabbit skins,

this here clock,
and a sack of goose feathers.

i tell you, alvin,
i'll give you 50 united states dollars