Let's be moseying.
- You're always doing something like that.
- Is that so?

I was holding up stagecoaches
before you got your diapers off.

If I hadn't stopped you,
you'd still be arguing with that tooth-yanker.

But a horse could wear false teeth.
I remember one time,
when I was way back in...

I know you knew a horse in Tennessee
that wore a pair.

Yes, I did.
What did the boss want to meet us here for?
You know as much about that as I do.
Don't know what them Texans
fought so hard to get this state for.

- Hardest ground in the world.
- Where's it any different?

In Cheatham County, Tennessee,
the ground is so soft...

they use it to stuff mattresses with.
What's the matter with him?
All right, on your feet.
Get moving and keep those hands up.

Get over there, you two.
- Who are you?
- Just a couple of strangers passing through.

All right, now, lie down.
- Can't we make some arrangement?
- Not today. Get down there.

You ought to split with us.
That'd be the honest thing to do.

- This ground is hard.
- All right, stampede their horses.