I Married a Witch

I know why he has that sad face,
I cursed his family

I thought that birds in love
always flew together

- Stella talks about politics
- are you nervous for the elections?

No. I can't lose having all
the newspapers in favour of me

My future father in law
has never bet for a loser

If our luck disappears,
I'll have to pawn the stethoscope

You can't lose, Dodley.
He doesn't miss a thing

Posters in a private party
For him all the wedding
is publicity trick

We are going to marry the day before
the elections to have more publicity

Wallace, you have drunk enough
- But, Stella...
- I want to go home

- Yes, Stella. Do you want a lift, Dodley?
- Yes, thanks

The curse works,
she seems to be a shrew

Take that
What's that of the curse?
All Wooley will have problems
in their marriage

What a stupid curse! All men
have problem in their marriage

The authentic suffering is when
a man falls in love with a woman...

...and can't marry her
Father, imagine that a men is in
love with a witch...

...me. I won't marry him
Bah! Sorry, I need some air

Let's go out, let's go diner
- Father, give me a body
- Oh, no!

...You have enough problems
with your last body