I Married a Witch

It has been the second floor
There's no exit, we are lost
I'm a bit short
I'm as high as your heart
- Have you heard me? We are lost
- we both?

Listen, before I arrived,
did you hit your head?

I didn't notice anything
until you took my hand

Ah! I understand. I'm glad
to have met you

Do you want to leave?
I'd like, but that
door is now a wall

We can use that one of there
- Quick, there isn't other exit!
- I'm going to comb my hair

Come on, before it collapses!
Do you like blondes?
Mister Wooley, can I
take you a photo, please?

- He has saved somebody
- Please, withdraw

- how are you?
- Fine, I think

- I've been very scared
- Wally, take me out of here immediately

Take her, Dodley. He has suffered a shock
Then, we should take her
to the hospital, don't you think?

- I hope she is alright
- It's normal you're worried

- Stella, it's not important
- Extraordinary, not a burn