I Married a Witch

Good morning, I didn't remember
that you were going to come here

we didn't tell you. What's the matter with you?
Have you seen the newspaper? I've made you
appear on the front page

Oh, fantastic. Wouldn't it be better
if you go away?

...It's bad luck that the bridegroom
sees the bride before the wedding

Don't be ridiculous
Saving that girl was a luck,
you don't know what can it mean

- Yes, I can imagine
- I've made a special edition...

- They will interview you.
I'll come back at eleven.
- Perfect, this way I'll have time.

- are you going?
- No, I'll stay some time more...

...I want to brighten the house a little,
the press arrives after de the wedding

- There's no time
- Leave me!

Stella, I'm a little nervous and
I want you to come with me

Come on, be good
Wait, I'm going to take my hat
- how has It happened?
- It has closed suddenly

I'm very sorry, today there is
a terrible wind

- Why does He goes with her?
- And why not?

...He'll marry her in
two hours and...

...now you and me...
- Shut up and sleep!

After all I have made...
No, I don't want to go
Two hours is little time,
If I could speak with my father...

What's the matter with you?
Good morning, father, It's very difficult,
I'll never be able of enamour him

Nonsense! I must have been
drunk when I gave you the body

- Father, don't make so much smoke
- has the beverage failed?