I Married a Witch

What are you both doing
in my room?

- What has happened?
- I don't know, I feel sick

Go to your room and get dressed
You had better have a rest

- I'll handle this!
- Did you Get rid of the girl?

- What girl? Oh, she must be still here!
- I won't be here for much time

Very well, listen to me,
miss. Come on, get up

Tell me, I'm listening to you, Mr Wooley
Why are you looking at me this way?
...Oh! It's the dress, do you like it?
It's so... strange to see you dressed,
I mean... you look beautiful

- Could A man fall In love with me?
- Physic beauty isn't everything

I imagined it
- Now, listen to me, Jennifer
- Don't talk to like this

I swallowed a lot of smoke tonight
and I come from swallowing more...

...but that doesn't mean that...
- Wally, do you want some fresh water?

- Thank you. What I have to say...
- Drink it, Wally...

...and then I'll listen everything
you have to tell me

You'll find out that nobody
called Wooley can resist me

Oh, My God! It's terrible!
Jennifer, can you hear me?

Dodley, come here
Take, take, drink this
Calm, now you'll feel
better, are you okay?

- I feel sick, what has happened?
- Does your head ache?

My head?
No, my heart...
...It doesn't go into my chest
- Try not to speak

But I have to do it, I have
to tell you what I feel

- Wally, you are so attractive
- Dodley!