I Married a Witch

- Take My hand
- Let's not start again

My love
Leave this man alone!
Dodley, this time has happened
something real to her...

...she has beaten her head
- Yes, you have made it in self-defence

- are you happy of having drunk?
- What? I haven't drink anything

- What is she talking about?
- About the glass with water I Have given to her

Have you given it to me?
You mustn't give drinks
to an unconscious person

Come on or we'll be late for the wedding
- We can't leave her alone
- We'll lock her. Hurry up

Don't worry, she won't be able to escape
I'll drive, you are very nervous
You'll have to get rid of
her after the wedding...

...Poor little, she is alone in the world,
she only has a bad father

- Don't brake this way again
- It wasn't me, it has braked on its own

...I don't understand it
- How much smoke!

- What has happened to him?
- To Who?

To the man we have saved
from the fire. He has disappeared!

What do you think of my new body? Nor
too old, neither very young...

...I don't remember the clothes formula,
I've taken the sheet from the ambulance.

By the way, has you given him the beverage?
Yes, but everything has gone wrong
- How? That beverage never fails
- It hasn't failed. I've drunk it

- What do you say? And do you love him now?
- Yes, father...

...but he is going to marry other
because of my ancient curse

Do you think that if I tell him everything...?
No, telling a mortal that you are
a witch would be your ruin

But, what can I do?
He can't marry her...

...you won't consent it, will you?
- Let me think