I Married a Witch

We'll be in a very
embarrassing situation

It's your turn
You only have to play your part
- Why don't you smile?
- I wanted to Get married In A church

Apart from that, everything
is just like you wanted

I shouldn't have resigned
with Wallace. Never again

The girl isn't here, don't be afraid
Close the door! It's a hurricane
- My veil is spoilt
- Wait for me There

I'm very sorry. We'll try to fix
everything as soon as possible

Music, music. Sing something,

- That's just what I needed.
A hurricane in my wedding.
- That doesn't matter, the girl is here

- What?
- I've just seen her

- What can I do?
- We'll see. Come in here

- My love, this is my father
- Pleased to meet you, Mr Wooley

You can't be here,
this is a private room

Downstairs there are many people
and there is a little wind

Sit down, Mr Wooley,
I'd like to talk a little with you

- Look, I'm going to marry in two minutes
- Yes, that's what I've decided